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Embrace Your Loved One’s New Care Facility Holiday Traditions

It’s the holidays and after the craziness of the past 2 years, many of us are ready to get back to the traditions that make the holidays special. If you have a loved one that was recently moved into a care facility and this will be their first holiday spent living there, it is important to make it special for them too.

They might have some feelings of loneliness or even some regret about the recent move. Reach out to your contact at the care facility to see what kind of holiday events they have planned this year. Thanksgiving dinner? Bring your family by to enjoy the dinner with them and make it a new tradition this year. It will make them feel special, included, and avoid loneliness on a holiday they’re used to having others around.

Does a certain Santa make his way to your loved one’s facility during December? Is there a gift exchange they can partake in or maybe holiday cookie making? They might be hesitant to join in on all these activities, but it would be good to push them to be involved. The more social activities they stay involved with, the better their holiday season will be.

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