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Tips To Help Prevent Your Aging Loved One from Falls

The transition of moving a loved one from their residential home into an assisted living facility can be difficult. There are tough times and conversations during that transition which we help families with every day. As a caregiver for an aging loved one, it is important to note that even in an assisted living facility, there are still things to be aware of to avoid injuries. One of the biggest causes of injuries in the elderly? Falls. We wanted to provide a few tips and things you can do to help your loved one from having a dangerous fall at their assisted living care facility.

Pay attention to possible medication side effects.

Your loved one is likely on a steady medication regiment to treat whatever ailments they may have as they age. It is important to note that some medications could cause issues with their balance or create drowsiness. You should also consult with their physician on any new medications that they might be put on and the interactions with current medications. There can be interactions that cause issues with balance that might lead to falls.

Avoid floor clutter.

This is a common cause for trips that lead to dangerous falls. It could be something small like old newspapers that have begin to fall off a coffee table and find their way onto the floor. Keeping a clear floor can help prevent those falls.

Track their eye prescription changes.

Your elderly loved one might begin to see deteriorating vision over the years. If you track their vision over the years, you might be able to notice a need to create more open spaces to avoid tripping hazards that they might not be able to see.

Installing grab bars in areas that are slick or could be unstable.

This could be a shower area where water could create dangerous conditions on a slick floor. Installing grab bars that offer a steadying option for your loved one could prevent a dangerous fall. Utilize these tips to help avoid getting a difficult call from the assisted living facility saying that your loved one has had a fall. It could save bruises and future hospital stays if you do!

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