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Comparing Residential Care Homes to Other Senior Living Options

Residential care homes have continued to increase in demand from families seeking appropriate senior living care for their aging loved one. It is still lesser known that some of the other senior living options though and we wanted to provide some of the major differences between those other options.

Residential Care Homes Versus Assisted Living Facilities

When you compare the size of an assisted living facility versus a residential care home, the assisted living facility will be noticeably larger. The assisted living facility may have space dedicated for a social room, cafeterias that can house 30+ residents, and even pools.

A residential care home will be the size of most single-family homes and will likely have around 4 residents living there at any given time. If your loved one doesn’t prefer group social activities like field trips or group exercise then the more autonomous residential care home could be the solution.

Residential Care Homes Versus Nursing Homes

One of the biggest differences between these two are one can provide medical care and the other will not. Nursing home care will typically have a registered nurse on staff as all residents require some form of nursing care. If your loved one has suffered from an injury that requires ongoing medical attention, nursing home care might be the solution.

Residential Care Homes Versus Memory Care

Memory care communities may operate as a standalone facility or operate as a wing of an assisted living facility. They are specifically dedicated to caring for aging loved ones that are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

There are many residential care homes that provide personal care focused around those suffering from these memory-related illnesses but might have other residents not suffering major cognitive impairment. You should consult a doctor and also review the current stage your aging loved one is at with the staff at both care facilities to determine which would serve them best.

Residential care homes offer several great benefits that other senior living options cannot compare to. However, it is important to evaluate your loved one’s personal and medical needs to make the best living decision for them. We have helped over 10,000 families across the state of Texas go through this process and will help you find the right senior care. Contact Senior Living Specialists today!

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