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Unlike other larger organizations that offer cookie cutter solutions, Senior Living Specialists is known for its start-to-finish, personalized service. Our team is by your side from the beginning of your search, to the time you move into your new home. Our communication with the family and resident continues assuring all is well.  Important communication does not stop with move in.

Our process is simple. Here’s how it works:

The Survey

We understand that each person has a unique narrative and different preferences for their new living arrangement. We begin with our survey that includes 20-30 questions which helps us get to know you, and familiarize ourselves with your wants and needs.
. . .


Based on your survey results and additional conversations, we refer the top two or three senior living communities that best fit your criteria. With so many options we are here to do the “heavy lifting” to help alleviate stress and make this transition as smooth as possible.
. . .

Visiting Advice

Once we have identified where you want to visit, your advisor will provide advice and tips on what to look for during your tours. This is an important step as there are things that families often overlook. For example, you might want to visit during an activity, look at outdoor areas, and talk to current residents. We too have the ability to help negotiate rates based on knowing the market and having established relationships with executive directors /owners of the home.
. . .


Lastly, we are here to ensure a seamless transition into your new home. We offer referrals to resources such as home companion care companies, home health services, downsizing companies, senior move managers, elder law attorneys, Veteran’s Benefits, and more.

Let us guide you through our simple, yet effective process. Our knowledgeable advisory team puts you first to ensure your new home is the perfect fit.

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