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5 Unexpected Assisted Living Expenses to Prepare For

Senior Living Specialists have become well-versed in all things related to senior care and the expenses involved in it. If you are a new caregiver, you might consider planning on your aging loved one’s care by simply looking at the monthly cost given to you by the facility. We have found that there are some additional care costs associated with senior care and wanted to provide some of those.

1. Moving costs from home to facility or facility to facility

This is one of the costs we most anticipate a family or caregiver not taking into consideration around their total costs. If your loved one has a significant number of items to move, they will likely need help or aid in that move. Also, it is likely that your loved one will need to move more than once during their aging care needs. Try to estimate and anticipate these for proper monthly budgeting.

2. Are there additional fees for certain kinds of help?

The fees we are referring to will likely vary from facility to facility. Ask them if there are additional fees or increased levels of care to aid with showers, dressing, or bathroom assistance. It is important to note even if your loved one doesn’t require that help now – they might in the future.

3. Hearing and dental care costs

Hearing aids and devices are often not covered under Medicare and can add up in expenses quickly. Hearing aids can range from $1,000 upwards to $6,000 which will only increase if your loved one has a knack for losing items. Dental care is also another item that may or may not be covered by Medicare. Dentures or other dental needs can cost an annual average of around $900 depending on the amount of work your loved one needs.

4. Mowing and other outdoor maintenance

If your loved one is still able to live at home or in senior living that still requires outdoor maintenance, you need to consider the monthly fees associated with that. Depending on the area you live in, these can be a few months out of the year or a year-round expense. Try your best to estimate these and avoid budgeting headaches.

5. Size and space of their room and other accommodations.

A loved one’s assisted living options will vary greatly in the amount of space they have to choose from. They might have a studio option or even a one-bedroom setup as options which will change monthly costs depending on what you choose. Try to map out and plan the space they will need in order to get the right room that still meets their budget.

Senior Living Specialists have helped families across Texas go through these “hidden” costs of an aging loved one to find them the best care option. Reach out today to begin using our free service!

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