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Get Your Aging Loved One Offline and Physically Active

The usage of smartphones, tablets, and laptops by the elderly seems to be increasing each day. While that is great for entertainment and communication purposes, it can also pull them away from physical activities essential for their life longevity.

As their caregiver, you should look at ways to encourage your aging loved one to engage in physical activity and put down their smartphone. Here are a few ways we recommend encouraging them to do that (without being pushy):

  • Walking: Encourage daily walks, either outdoors or in a safe indoor environment, like their assisted living facility. Start with short distances and gradually increase the duration and intensity. If you offer to walk with them, the social connection may also encourage them to make walking a normal part of their daily routine.
  • Chair Exercises: Look for chair exercise routines specifically designed for seniors. These exercises can help improve strength, flexibility, and circulation while seated comfortably. If your loved one is currently in assisted living, the staff will likely have some chair exercises they can provide.
  • Water Activities: Consider water exercises or swimming, as they provide a low-impact environment that is gentle on joints. A lot of the care facilities around Texas provide on-site pools that they can use to help stay active.
  • Yoga: Encourage your loved one to try yoga, which promotes balance, flexibility, and relaxation. You can see if their current assisted living facility offers it or a nearby community center can also be an option that can have classes designed for seniors.
  • Gardening: Gardening is a great way to engage in physical activity while enjoying the outdoors. Help your loved one create a small garden or tend to potted plants, which can involve bending and stretching.
  • Technology-Assisted Activities: I know that we want to get them OFF their smartphone but you can explore technology-based options like exercise videos designed for seniors. These can provide guidance and motivation for physical activity.
  • Pet Ownership: Consider getting a pet or encouraging interaction with animals. Taking care of a pet, such as walking a dog, can provide regular physical activity and companionship. You should evaluate your loved one’s ability to manage all aspects of pet ownership along with pet policies of their current care facility.

Remember to start slowly and consider any health conditions or limitations your loved one may have. It’s important to consult with their healthcare provider to ensure they engage in activities that are safe for their individual needs. Gradually increasing the intensity and duration of activities, along with providing encouragement and support, can help your aging loved one embrace a more active lifestyle.

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