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Author: Paul Markowitz

Animal Therapy in Assisted Living Facilities

Animal therapy, also known as pet therapy, is a growing trend in assisted living facilities across the country, including those […]
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Helping Aging Parents Give Up Driving

As the child of an aging parent, you may find yourself facing the challenging reality that your loved one should […]
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8 Signs You Are A “Helicopter Caregiver”

Being a caregiver for an aging loved one is a principled and challenging role, but there is a fine line […]
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Get Your Aging Loved One Offline and Physically Active

The usage of smartphones, tablets, and laptops by the elderly seems to be increasing each day. While that is great […]
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Chances of Dementia Increase with Loss of Hearing

John Hopkins recently conducted a study that looked at 2,413 older adults to explore the connection from hearing loss contributing […]
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Physical and Mental Challenges an Aging Parent Might Encounter After a Stroke

It can be one of the most terrifying calls you receive as the caregiver of an aging parent that they […]
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Advice on Responding to Dementia Hallucinations

If your parent has been diagnosed with dementia, you may notice that they begin to have hallucinations that aren’t based […]
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How to Make Bathing Easier for Elderly Parents

As people age, they may experience physical and cognitive changes that make it more challenging to perform daily tasks, including […]
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What Are the Reasons My Aging Loved Might Resist Assisted Living?

Senior Living Specialists staff play many roles when we aid you in finding the right level of care needed for […]
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How Can I Encourage an Aging Loved One to Start Exercising?

Regular exercise is good for an aging loved one for a variety of reasons and benefits. Exercise can help to […]
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