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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Selecting Senior Care

The decision to enter a senior living community is not an easy one on a family or their loved one. Let alone that, finding the right facility is an even more difficult decision to be made. Without the right guidance, resources, and advice, it can be a strenuous process. Choosing the right senior care home has an affect on your loved one’s quality of life, health, and happiness, so avoiding mistakes is important. We’ve put together a few tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes when selecting a senior care home for your loved one:

  • Rushing the Process – Finding the right home for your loved one is not something that should be rushed. First, it takes time to consider what would make the perfect fit for your family member. Keeping in mind their health, financial situation, amenity requirements, and other criteria is important to think about before even planning visits to homes. That way when you’re ready to tour communities, you know exactly what you’re looking for without any doubts or confusion.
  • Unexpected Costs or Deals – It’s important to read the fineprint. Often times communities have unexpected costs that are not advertised in marketing materials or during tours that don’t pop up until you’re ready to sign the papers. Questions about costs on items like non-refundable deposits, mandatory valet trash, and other fees are important to ask about prior to making your final decision. Alternatively, sometimes a community could be running a special or an incentive that your tour guide or office manager failed to tell you about during your visit. For example, your first month free or a waived deposit. It never hurts to ask!
  • Getting Help – Whether it’s someone who has been through the process of helping their loved one find a senior care home before, or a professional like the advisors from Senior Living Specialists, getting help from someone who has been in your shoes before can be an incredibly valuable resource. These people, especially professionals, are most likely to be familiar with local care homes and can advise you on what communities you should visit that meet your criteria.

The search to find senior care is no easy task, but by planning ahead and determining what your loved one wants and needs, the process can be less stressful. By consulting outside sources like a friend, family member, or senior living specialist, you can avoid common mistakes that many people make when choosing the right home.

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