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Health Changes and Moving to A Different Type of Care

If you are new to the challenge of finding the right care for an aging loved one, you might think you only need to worry about one move to a care facility. The harsh reality is that the older a loved one gets, the likelihood of them needing multiple levels of care becomes higher and higher.

The tragic event of a fall or injury can often be the catalyst that forces families to look at getting a higher level of care. It isn’t just finding the right temporary rehabilitation care and seeing things return to the previous “normal”.

The likelihood that your loved one will return to their previous capacities can be a situation you won’t know until you reach that stage. Luckily, Senior Living Specialists have helped thousands of families find the first point of care and then helped families find advanced levels of care years down the road.

Another harsh reality of caring for a loved one is that dementia or Alzheimer’s is that the disease may not become a major problem until years after your loved one enters their initial senior care facility. It is important for their own care that you don’t try to force them to stay in a facility that doesn’t have staff trained on how to handle the behavioral outbursts common to memory-related illnesses.

Finally, you need to listen to the professional staff when they give their feedback and recommendations around any changes your aging loved one might be displaying.

It might even get bad enough that your loved one can be “kicked out” of an assisted living facility if they don’t believe they can provide the level of care needed. Changing an assisted living facility is challenging on its own. When you add in having to admit that your loved one is failing in health, that reality can be a tough one to face.

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